Neighbourhoods that work together grow closer

Denizen is a fusion of coworking, recreation and community.

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Our physical space and digital platform help people connect across their neighbourhood, providing everything they need to live their best work, leisure, and social lives. 

We currently operate in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte and our services are open to all.

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Denizen Spaces

Denizen Spaces connects people in search of flexible work or activity space with local companies looking to cut down their unused space and host new faces.

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We offer a wide range of desks, private offices and meeting rooms on a day-to-day basis at local companies run by great people.
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Join the network of companies who wish to redistribute their unused space and encourage local community interaction.
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Denizen House

Located on the ground floor of the historic Eiswerk on Köpenicker Strasse in Kreuzberg, Denizen House is a communal place providing work, refreshment, and recreational facilities throughout the day.

Think of it like a living room for the neighbourhood.
denizen house
The Members Club for Non-Members.
The House

About us

Denizen is a project created by Berliners.

Some of us were born here, others moved here. All of us are passionate about creating a future where people find it easier to meet and connect with their local communities, no matter where they are from or what they do.


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