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Get a full-service business address, mailing service, and workspace at Denizen

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Register your business address at Denizen Eiswerk (Berlin), and establish a professional presence and project credibility from day one. As a Denizen member, you gain access to our coworking and community hub, where you can meet your clients, collaborate with like-minded professionals, network, and unlock new opportunities. Experience Denizen's support, flexibility, and vibrant atmosphere to help your company thrive.


  • Business address registration
  • Post collection
  • Post scanning and forwarding (optional)
  • Denizen membership (optional)

Pricing and conditions

  • Basic package as of €89 inc. VAT
  • Minimal commitment of 1 year
  • Currently available in Berlin only
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Do you have any additional questions about your company registration at Denizen? Don't hesitate to reach out! We're here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VAT included in the membership prices?

Yes, VAT of 19% is included.

Can I visit the venue before booking to see the space in person?

Yes. Just contact us and we can arrange an appointment to see the space together.