Monetizing your office space

Transform unused office space into a strategic asset, generating additional revenue

we are the next gen coworking platform

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How it works

Step 1

Creating a product

We help your company convert your unoccupied office space into sellable products by:

  • Defining your use case
  • Building content (photography, descriptions)
  • Setting competitive pricing
  • Defining suitable availability
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Step 2

Packaging the product

We add local staff support & hospitality services to make your workspace more attractive with:

  • Pre-sales and administrative support
  • Catering & beverages options
  • Bookiable team & social events
  • Bookable self-care activities
we are the next gen coworking platform

Step 3

Marketing the product

We connect your product with teams & individuals seeking flexible workspace through:

  • Search engine advertisement
  • Social media advertisement
  • Proactive B2B outreach
  • PR, community events & newsletter
  • Distribution through web & native app
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Step 4

Selling the product

No upfront fees. Start hosting and get paid out on a monthly basis based on the bookings you host.

Minimum requirements to get started:

  • Good natural light
  • Strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Coffee & tea facilities
  • Meeting equipment
we are the next gen coworking platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds good! Does my space qualify?

Do you currently have an under-used but well-equipped office, meeting or workshop room in the center of Berlin or Düsseldorf? Then your space could be exactly what Denizen clients are looking for! Schedule your first Discovery Call to find out more!

How much does it cost to be on the platform?

Denizen operates on a commission-based model. Therefore, it doesn’t cost you anything to get started. In fact, we will bring our own professional photographer and an experienced content writer to ensure your space is presented in the best light possible. Only once you start receiving bookings, we take a 20% commission from the net booking price.

I am ready to host! Where do I begin?

Starting your journey with Denizen is straightforward. After our initial Discovery Call and a site visit, Denizen will start working on the photography, promotional materials and the listing agreement with price and availability recommendations. It usually takes up to a week between the signing of the listing agreement and your space being live and bookable on our platform (subject to the photographer’s availability). Download this brochure to learn more about the steps.

What are my responsibilities?

As a host, your primary responsibility is ensuring that the space is clean, tidy, and ready, as well as arranging for somebody to welcome the clients. On Denizen’s end, we assume the responsibility for all preliminary sales and administrative tasks, including payment collection.

Do I always have to host?

No. You remain in full control of your space availability. Decide on the case by case basis if you want to accept the booking.

How can I make my space more attractive?

Even minor details can yield substantial impact; from offering premium coffee or tea selections, to bolstering your Wi-Fi connectivity, or even upgrading your audio-visual equipment. These thoughtful enhancements can significantly elevate the appeal of your space.

What if something gets damaged by a customer?

Ensuring accountability is important to us. When registering and reserving a space on Denizen, all customers are required to have liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung) in place. This insurance provides coverage for any potential damages caused by customers. In the event of damage, the liability insurance of the responsible customer will be utilized to address and cover the costs, ensuring a smooth resolution process.

What's the deal with cancellations?

For our clients, the policy allows free cancellations up to a week before the event. After that, a 50% fee of the space rental amount is charged. Cancellations a day before the event are non-refundable. We strongly encourage our hosts to avoid cancelling confirmed bookings.

How do you ensure data security?

At Denizen, data security is a top priority. During our first office visit, we'll define private and Denizen customer areas. This assessment respects your office's setup and privacy needs. For app data, be confident in our security measures. Only confirmed bookings access sensitive data, adding extra protection. Your data security is our ongoing commitment.