October 5, 2023

Meet Denizen Alena

Please meet young, upcoming artist Alena Schultheiss

Meet Denizen Alena

Hi Neighbour,

We're thrilled to share the latest edition of our "Meet the Denizens" series, where we showcase the incredible talents and contributions of our community members.

"Self-willed spirit is a big part of what makes Berlin so inspiring and dynamic."

Introducing Alena, a Berlin-based artist who recently hosted her first vernissage at the Denizen Eiswerk. GO ALENA! 👏😀

Her life is all about finding happiness in simple things. She enjoys getting lost in books, taking leisurely walks, and cooking up a storm in her kitchen. But what truly fills her with joy is her time in the art studio. Every day, she paints and loses herself in the colors and strokes. Join us as we explore her world of art and discover what makes her tick.

Alena's art is still on show at the Denizen Eiswerk, Berlin until the end of this week. Come and have a look at those beautiful art pieces.

What was the best advice you've been given?

If I had to single out a gem, it would be what my granddad once dropped on me.

He basically said, "My dear, life's not always a straight and narrow road. Sometimes, you might feel like doing stuff that's a little shady or not quite on the up-and-up, and that's cool. But here's the deal: You gotta own up to it and deal with the guilt when it comes knocking."

So, what he meant is that life can get a bit messy, and we all face moments where the right path isn't crystal clear. Especially when you're young, you're gonna push boundaries, take some risks, and explore the gray areas. The key is to be aware of what's right and wrong and be ready to handle the consequences. It's like he was saying, "Keep it real but don't lose your moral compass along the way."

What is the last book you've read?

The last book I dove into was "Think Like a Monk" by Jay Shetty. 📚🤓

What is the city / country you wanna travel to and why?

I'd love to jet off to India. It's like this awesome blend of unique and vibrant culture, mouthwatering food, and breathtaking natural beauty. You know, I'm all about hiking – it's my go-to way of spending a vacation. Picture this: 7 days of hiking, camping under the stars, minimal crowds, lots of fresh air, and a killer workout. 😍

Now, if I had to list my top travel experiences, the Peruvian and Columbian Andes would be right up there. The scenery is out of this world, and it's actually inspired some of my art. There's just something about being out in nature that soothes my soul and gives me a real sense of accomplishment. It's like a reset button for life, where time seems to stand still. Hiking is my jam for finding that perfect balance. 🌄

What would be your "keyword" for Berlin?

If I had to sum up Berlin with a single word, it would be "self-willed." 👩🎨

Berlin is a city with a strong sense of independence and creativity. It's a place where people are determined to express themselves and shape their own paths. As an artist, I've found that this self-willed spirit is a big part of what makes Berlin so inspiring and dynamic.

What makes you happy?

Happiness for me is all about finding those sweet moments of escape from the daily grind. It could be as simple as getting lost in a good book, taking a stroll around the city, or cooking something delicious in my kitchen. I really value my "me-time" and love those peaceful moments when I'm alone with my thoughts. 💆

But you know what truly makes me the happiest? It's spending time in my studio, losing myself in the whole painting process. Seriously, I aim to get my art groove on every single day. That's where I find my ultimate happy place. 👩‍🍳🎨

What brought you to Denizen?

I landed at Denizen Eiswerk thanks to a friend's tip. But what really drew me in is their whole vibe. As a young artist, it's the perfect spot to showcase my creations.

What do you like about Denizen?

What I really love about Denizen is the atmosphere – it's this cool blend of calm with a kick of power.

As someone who's into aesthetics, I appreciate being in a space as visually appealing as Denizen Eiswerk. But it's not just the looks; it's the way they treat you and make you feel at home. That's the real deal for me. 🌆😊

If you'd like to learn more about Alena and see her paintings, or if you'd like to discuss books you've both read, please feel free to contact her through her Instagram or simply invite her to join you for a coffee at the Denizen Eiswerk, Berlin.


The Denizen Team


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