March 22, 2024

Meet Denizen: David / Я КОСТЬ

Introducing David Я КОСТЬ

Meet Denizen: David  / Я КОСТЬ

Hi Neighbour,

This week we’re back with one of my most cherished features: the “Meet the Denizens” series. It's a collection of interviews spotlighting the remarkable, talented, and inspiring individuals within our Denizen community. This week we are getting to know David — a local Düsseldorf artist whose unique pieces are currently exhibited (and available for purchase!) at Denizen Artol .

Welcome to Denizen,  David !

David is more known under his artist name Я КОСТЬ (Ya Kost) and his artworks could be seen all around Düsseldorf at various exhibitions but also as street art. He uses all available surfaces to create masterpieces: canvases, flower planters, walls, rocks, stickers, sculptures and more!

As part of these mini-interview series, we always ask Denizens a few short questions.

What was the best advice you’ve been given?

"People will be telling you to start acting like grown up. Never listen to them. "

What would be your “keyword” for Düsseldorf?

"I would give Düsseldorf a phrase “Bunt gegen Bonzig” because it is truly a city of contrast. Here bright youth culture with it’s fashion and street art lives side-by-side with the rich and temperate “old money”. "

What is your favourite season?

"This time of spring. When it's just starting to get warm and you have this anticipation of knowing it will only get warmer and better."

What are the 3 things you cannot live without?

 “Nature, socializing, and… Caramel! “

What brought you to Denizen?

"Kseniia, whom I met at my first art exhibition in a local youth cafe. She later recommended that I exhibit the artworks at Denizen.”

Bummed out you missed the vernissage and the chance to see the artwork? Do not worry, the exhibition is on display at Denizen until Friday, April 12 th! Come check it out or grab a coworking day pass while surrounded by David’s creative pieces.


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