April 25, 2024

Meet Denizen Ignacio Delfin Munoz aka "Nacho"

Introducing the wonderful Ignacio Andres Delfin Munoz Marin, aka "Nacho"

Meet Denizen Ignacio Delfin Munoz aka "Nacho"

Hi Neighbour,

This week we’re back with one of my most cherished features: the “Meet the Denizens” series. It's a collection of interviews spotlighting the remarkable, talented, and inspiring individuals within our Denizen community.  

While our journey began with a big mission, to change the real estate industry, reshape urban spaces, and develop the technology to facilitate it all, we've always understood that human connection remain at the centre of everything we do. In the end it is all about people, our beloved denizens that use our space for work, our amazing hosts with passions to create events, classes or workshops at Denizen, and, of course, the exceptional individuals who join our team to help bring our vision to life. 💛

While we have had the exceptional fortune to welcome many extraordinary humans to our wonderful neighbourhood, this introduction is long overdue. So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Ignacio Delfin Muñoz aka “Nacho” — the incredibly gifted host of our wonderful German & Spanish Sprachcafés.

Welcome to Denizen, Nacho!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I´m Nacho (They/ Them), originally from Chile but have been living in Berlin for about 6-7 years. I came here for studies and I started studying chemistry back in 2020 but realized it wasn´t fully for me and last year I changed to pedagogics for Chemistry and Spanish language, and since then my life has taken a boost and I´m really happy and eager with my new pathway. One of my hobbies is making music, I studied piano back in Chile when I was young and recently got into DJing, yes... Berlin got me! I am a bike enthusiast and I love to get out of the city from time to time with my road bike, love to discover new routes and forget everything whilst riding. 

I've always loved to understand why some processes of life happen and how small things have a big influence on the processes, and reactions. Why does for example whisky taste better with a shot of water instead of ice? I love doing things with my hands, so working in the lab is like a playground for me. I started my passion for languages and cultures once I was living in the US, since then I realized I needed to emigrate, learn new languages and cultures and so I did. Im happy I've had the opportunity to adventure myself on learning languages, I can say I've learnt about 6 languages but can only communicate properly on 4. At Denizen I organize the German Sprachcafe monthly and help others practice and learn the German language, I love doing it!

As part of these mini-interview series, we always ask Denizens five short questions, this time accompanied by pictures from Nachos Sprachcafé!

What is the last book you've read?

Because of my studies in philology, I have to read a lot, but the last full book I read was "The five love languages" by Gary Chapman.

What do you like about Denizen?

The location is perfect, the space has the perfect size! not too big to get lost, not too small where you have to fight for a place.  I like the familiar atmosphere of it, the employees are super nice and I love the selection of events Denizen has to offer. 

What are the 3 things you cannot live without?

Morning coffee, my piano and my 80s klapprad bike.  

Delfin Munoz-2158275

What makes you happy?

I am happy with small things in the world. just riding my bike makes me happy, having a good cup of espresso can make my day. A smile from a stranger in the subway can mood me up immediately. Playing piano

What did you want to become when you were 5 years old?

As a kid I wanted to be everything but I remember I wished once to become an astronaut.

Can we please take a collective moment to also appreciate the wonderful work our own Hana has done with capturing the moments from Nachos Sprachcafé❤️

Delfin Munoz-2158321

Bummed out you missed Nacho's Sprachafé? Do not fret, Nacho organizes 2 monthly Sprachcafé's, the first of the month being a German Sprachcafé and the second being a German-Spanish Tandem Sprachcafé. The next one is on the 8th of May, we would love to see you there!


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