March 17, 2023

Meet Denizen Kai

Meet Denizen Kai - transformational coach & consultant with 10+ years of experience in building organisations

Meet Denizen Kai

Hi Neighbour,

We hope this finds you well! We are excited to share with you the second edition of our "Meet the Denizens" series, where we showcase the incredible talents and contributions of members of our community.

Meet Denizen Kai

Two startups.
One World Champion title.
And a burnout.

Welcome to Kai’s life.

Kai is a transformational coach & consultant with 10+ years of experience in building organisations and in coaching and consulting leaders and teams in high-performance environments.In his work, he unifies a profound, tried and tested understanding of the data-driven business world with the art of deep, spiritual exploration and self-realization.Kai holds space for uncovering your true needs. For manifesting your true self. For tapping into your true potential. From there, anything is possible.

What is the last book you've read?

"Breath" by James Nestor, now reading "Why we sleep" by Matthew Walker (both grandiose pieces of work!!)

What would be your "keyword" for Berlin?

"Nobody cares" - in a good way!

What makes you happy?

Genuine, authentic, vulnerable deep conversations. Intimacy (both physical and mental). Holding space for others to (re)discover themselves. Ecstatic Dance. Giving Thai Yoga massages. Surfing. Deeply exploring the realms of self and transcending the patterns of my ego. Meditation. Breathing (recently Wim Hof). The sea. Food that makes my pallet explode with its refined taste. Time by myself. Playing the guitar & singing. Play and being silly.

Share with us what your perfect day would look like.

A day containing a variation or all of the above. Plus, getting up at 9 am, breathing and meditating, having an ice cold shower + great breakfast. Doing some great work along the realms of holding space for self-discovery and self-realisation. And then either having some playful, fun time with the people close to me or with ones I’ve never met. Or having a beautiful round of me-time. :)

What brought you to Denizen?

My neighbour, after telling him I need a space to do my work that’s OUTSIDE of home, but close - and feels like home. Well. That’s Denizen!

What do you like about Denizen?

  • The incredible team (the heart and soul of this space, truly!).
  • The incredible interior design.
  • The amazing tea and coffee variations.
  • And the relaxed, warm, welcoming vibes of a living room that’s designed to work in it!

What is the reason you prefer Denizen instead of pure coworking?

I’ve been a resident at MANY coworking spaces. And at all of these, I’ve seen unhappy zombies staring into their screens. Denizen has people working on their computers, too. Sure. But it’s SUCH A DIFFERENT VIBE. It feels like people here actually like what they do. It’s more conversational. More chill. Less serious. And more creative. Than ANY space I’ve seen.

If you want to get to know more about Kai, and his coaching practice, or exchange notes on the books you've read, please reach out to him via his website or simply invite him to join you for a coffee at the Denizen House ☕.

Speak soon!


The Denizen Team

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