December 1, 2023

Meet Denizen Lloyd

Please meet talented and seasoned barber Lloyd Rose

Meet Denizen Lloyd

Hi Neighbour,

We're thrilled to share the latest edition of our "Meet the Denizens" series, where we showcase the incredible talents and contributions of our community members.

When we opened Denizen Eiswerk in Berlin, we always envisioned the Self-Care Studio to be multipurpose and to show that with a clever fit-out, the exact same space can work as an exhibition venue, yoga room, meeting room, or even a barbershop. We were therefore thrilled when Lloyd Rose - a talented and seasoned barber, shared our vision and took residence in our space every Tuesday for the better part of 2023. 

Get ready to meet Lloyd, a fascinating individual hailing from Wales, UK, and the proud father of three daughters with enchanting Welsh names—Bryn, Carys, and Alva. In his early years, a budding passion for art ignited his childhood dreams of becoming an artist, with a particular love for drawing and hands-on creativity. Join us for the interview, giving you a sneak peek into the story behind the familiar face you've seen every Tuesday at Denizen.

What is the last book you've read?

I recently had twins, so the last book I read was about different methods and techniques to keep babies calm and peaceful. So far, it’s been working ok! Before that, I read a book called “Conscious” by Annaka Harris which aims to explore and define the nature of consciousness. I’m also working my way through a series of books about the fictional character Hornblower. They follow his career from joining to becoming an Admiral in the British Navy during the Napoleonic era. I was in the Navy before I became a barber, so I’ve always had an interest in nautical fiction.

Share with us what your perfect day would look like.

Right now, my perfect day would probably be waking up naturally, enjoying a quiet coffee followed by a leisurely brunch. Maybe a swim in the sea and some time to read a book, nothing strenuous. There’s a lot going on at home at the moment with two babies and a toddler so not a lot of sleep. Something quiet and relaxed would be great!

What makes you happy?

Family life makes me happy. Even though it can be pretty hectic at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I also like to have a sense of direction. We made the decision to move to the UK in a couple of years, and hopefully, I can open my first barbershop there. Having something to work towards and a sense of purpose always keeps me happy.

What is the city or country you wanna travel to and why?

I met my girlfriend in Australia, and although I lived there for a year and a half, I still feel like there’s so much of the country that I’ve yet to explore. I’m a big rugby fan, so I’d love to watch the All Blacks play in New Zealand. Coming from the UK, I love Indian food, so India would be up there, I’d also like to see more of South East Asia.

What brought you to Denizen?

I was looking for a space that would allow me to cut hair but that also met my clients' needs and just got really lucky that I came across Denizen. I’m in the Self-Care Studio on Tuesdays and I really like it there. The space looks great and it’s a relaxed environment for me to work from. More importantly, my clients love it too!

What do you like about Denizen?

I really like the team at Denizen. Everyone I’ve come across has always been really friendly and made me feel very welcome. I look forward to coming back every Tuesday. Also, there are some great sandwiches in the kitchen!


Book your appointment on Lloyd's website or come meet him for a coffee at the Denizen Studio every Tuesday from 10 AM to 5 PM. 

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