October 25, 2023

Vernissage at Denizen Eiswerk Berlin

Vernissage „Daheim und woanders“ at Denizen Eiswerk Berlin

 Vernissage at Denizen Eiswerk Berlin

Hi Neighbour,

Today marks the start of Matthias Heyde's photo exhibition, 'At Home and Elsewhere,' and we're excited to share his story with you. ✨

Matthias Heyde has had quite the photography journey, snapping shots in the Berlin rock scene, joining an expedition to the UN seed bank in Spitsbergen, and making waves in theater and music productions.

"I didn't embark on this journey to escape life, but to ensure that life doesn't escape me."

Heyde is all about capturing life in the moment, whether he's on a motorcycle or just walking around. His photography aims for that immediate connection with people and the world. He doesn't photograph for the galleries; he shoots for himself.

His lens focuses on the human experience and its ups and downs. Heyde's photographs show the fragile side of life without any judgment. He's a curious soul, always looking for the silver lining, believing that even in the midst of life's messiness, there's a chance for things to get better. As Brecht said, "We'd be good, but the circumstances aren't always on our side." Heyde's camera explores those very circumstances and how they shape our lives. 🌟

At home and elsewhere

"Prada" in big letters on the Hamburg Penny supermarket shutter. Right above it, you've got the grocery store's logo. Two symbols batteling it out – one, the legit supermarket logo, the other, some rebellious graffiti telling us they're all just claims. These claims turn into facts through pure belief. 🛒💥"

Heyde's photos in this exhibition capture his evolving journey. Initially, due to restricted mobility, Heyde began close to home within a two-kilometer radius, portraying a city in constant motion. As he regained his mobility, he hopped on his motorcycle and ventured farther, yet the overwhelming vibe persisted. His journey led him from the north of Norway all the way to South Africa. 🏍️

These photos span the years from 2021 to 2023 and were all taken with pocket-sized Lumix and Ricoh cameras, a change from his usual larger format gear. It's almost like he's downplaying the importance of photography. He traveled light, and this choice added an extra punch to his shots. The result? Images full of raw emotion, swinging between tenderness and grit, all without a hint of cynicism. 📸

Matthias Heyde's photograhps will be on display at Denizen Eiswerk in Berlin from the 26th of October until the 5th of November.

Come and have a look at those beautiful art pieces. 📸🖼️


The Denizen Team


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