German-Spanish Tandem Sprachcafé


German-Spanish Tandem Sprachcafé

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Practice your German and Spanish at Denizen (for Beginners & Intermediate)

When: Wednesday, 24th April 18:30 -20:00
Where: Denizen Eiswerk

About the event

Hello Everyone,

We're excited to announce a new series of events as we wrap up the first quarter of the year! Due to popular demand, we're giving it a go: at the end of each month, we'll gather at Denizen, our cherished venue for the Sprachcafe, to immerse ourselves in Spanish and German language practice.

Participants will be organized into groups based on their language proficiency levels. Additionally, we will introduce rotations to ensure everyone has the opportunity to practice both Spanish and German.
The event kicks off at 18:00, with the language exchange beginning promptly at 18:30. We'll take a brief intermission around 19:15 and conclude our session by 20:00.

This is a Tandem night focussed on german and spanish. It is okay to speak english but be aware that most of participants will want to practice either german or spanish, so let´s try to keep english off the table as long as the event is taking place.

About the host

Welcome to Berlin Language and Culture Exchange, a safe place where we will practice languages and get to know new cultures. Besides practicing and learning new languages, the idea is to connect people living or visiting Berlin.

Cancellation policy

You're free to cancel at any point. Just please let us know, so that we can better plan the evening.