Vernissage by Alena Schultheiss


Vernissage by Alena Schultheiss

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Cláudia Soares
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Celebrate the opening of Alena Schultheiss' first exhibition!

When: 5th -20th October
Where: Denizen Eiswerk

About the event

In “Embrace Uncertainty” Alena Schultheiss explores the meaning of living intentionally. She interprets the subject visually, by translating her personal experiences and emotions to the canvas.

Swing by for a glass of wine, good vibes, and fresh tunes by Flaavio. If you cannot make it that night or if you want to see the paintings with less people around, you can also visit the space until October 20th!

About the host

Alena Schultheiss is an abstract artist based out of Berlin, Germany. Alena began painting as a means of self-exploration and emotional expression. Her grandfather being an artist, she grew up working with him in his studio from a young age onwards and was introduced to the enchanting world of art at an early age. She is inspired by physical movement and nature and is captivating viewers with the depth and authenticity of her work.

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