Vernissage by Delfin Muñoz


Vernissage by Delfin Muñoz

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Cláudia Soares
Community & Events

Join us for an exclusive art exhibition and Vernissage, "Mirada Infinita," showcasing the captivating world of abstract watercolors.

When: Thursday, 15th February, 19:00 - 22:00
Where: Denizen Eiswerk

About the Host

At the heart of "Mirada Infinita" is the talented Chilean artist, Delfin Muñoz. Known for blending intricate details of his personal life with societal reflections in his work, Delfin invites us to explore a rich tapestry of emotions and social commentary. His unique approach to abstract art, using watercolors, sets a profound stage for introspection and discovery.

About the Event

But that's not all. The exhibition promises an immersive experience with live piano music and an ambient DJ set, creating an ambiance that perfectly complements the visual journey. This fusion of art and music is designed to engage all your senses, offering an evening that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the intersection of abstract art and social consciousness at "Mirada Infinita." It's more than an art exhibition – it's a celebration of creativity, insight, and the power of expression.

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You're free to cancel at any point. Just please let us know, so that we can better plan the evening.

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