The right space makes all the difference

Whether you need a desk for a day, a meeting room for an afternoon, your very own private office, or just to mingle with some interesting new people, we will help you find a workspace that suits your needs at a location within walking distance.

  • How it works
    Download the Denizen app.
  • 2
    Tell us what kind of space would meet your needs and mood.
  • 3
    Select from the list of curated results and make the short trip to your new workspace.

Frequently asked questions

  • What does Denizen mean?

    A Denizen is an inhabitant or frequenter of a particular place: a resident in a neighborhood, a maven of a museum, a regular at a bar.

  • Why now, why Denizen?

    Denizen Spaces connects people in search of flexible work or activity space with local businesses looking to cut down on their empty seats and host new faces.

  • What makes you different from co-working spaces?

    Our vision is to connect the neighbourhood and matchmake local residents who need space with local companies who have space. It’s not about desks in big open offices but about finding you the right kind of space for what you need to get done - be it focused work on your laptop, doing a bunch of calls in a quiet place, conducting an informal meeting or hosting a yoga class.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Denizen?

    We are a team of hoteliers and technologists, on a mission to bring hospitality into the neighbourhood. By joining us as an early customer, you will have a direct influence on how we connect a local community to share space and experiences. In return for this, we are very keen to shower our early Denizen’s with great service, future usage credits and longer-term incentives to help us spread the word.

  • What happens if I need assistance?

    We are literally round the corner! Each neighbourhood has its own “Neighbourhood Manager” stationed nearby to look after all of our local users and providers. Be it a problem with the WiFi or a recommendation on where to grab lunch, you can connect with them over the app or speak with them when they stop by your space.