February 27, 2024

Meet Denizen Deflin Munoz

Introducing the Artist and Industrial Designer Annabelle!

Meet Denizen Deflin Munoz

Hi Neighbour,

This week we’re back with one of my most cherished features: the “Meet the Denizens” series. It's a collection of interviews spotlighting the remarkable, talented, and inspiring individuals within our Denizen community.

While our journey began with a bold mission to revolutionize the real estate industry, reshape urban spaces, and develop the technology to facilitate it all, we've always understood that human connection must remain central to everything we do. Ultimately, it's all about people—the people who use our spaces for work, those whose passions lead them to Denizen to host events, classes or workshops, and, of course, the exceptional individuals who join our team to help bring our vision to life. 💛

We've been exceptionally fortunate to welcome extraordinary human beings into our ecosystem. Listening to their stories, drawing inspiration from their journeys, and becoming a part of their universe, even if just for a moment, is what truly drives us all. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Delfin Muñoz —a talented Chilean artist whose captivating artworks are currently gracing the walls (and available for purchase!) at Denizen Eiswerk in Berlin.

Welcome to Denizen, Delfin!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

Delfin 8

I'm Delfin, a dedicated visual artist and art educator based in Santiago, Chile. In the 1980s, I embarked on my journey in the creative world through graphic design. However, as technology evolved, I found my passion aligning more with traditional craftsmanship.

This led me to explore the intricate art of gold and silversmithing, and I recently expanded my skills by completing a diploma in ceramic sculpture. My commitment to art is paralleled by my dedication to education, as evidenced by my further studies in pedagogy, enabling me to embrace the role of a teacher.

Delfin 5

To me, art is a multifaceted medium that transcends mere aesthetics—it's a powerful conduit for creativity, emotional expression, and commentary on culture, society, and politics.

Delfin 4

I firmly believe that art, in all its forms, has the potential to enact significant change within society. It's not just about visual stimulation; it's a platform for emotional and human growth, offering new perspectives and opportunities.

Through art, we can foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, paving the way for a more empathetic and connected society.

As part of these mini-interview series, we always ask Denizens five short questions, this time accompanied by pictures from last week's Vernissage at Denizen.

What’s the last book you read?

I'm currently delving into "The Secret Lives of Color" by Kasia St. Clair. This fascinating book sheds light on the cultural and social significance of colors throughout history, offering a vivid exploration of how colors shape our world.

Delfin Munoz-2158252
Delfin Munoz-2158237

What is your source of happiness?

Tranquility, art, and family are the pillars of my happiness. Sharing my knowledge and nurturing others through teaching bring me profound joy and fulfillment.

How would you describe Berlin in a few words?

Though my time in Berlin has been brief, the city has captivated me with its vibrant culture and dynamic energy. It's a place of contrasts—a chaotic yet functional tapestry of life that's both engaging and culturally rich.

Delfin Munoz-2158242
Delfin Munoz-2158275

What brought you to Denizen?

I was introduced to Denizen by my son, Nacho, who is an active participant, often hosting Sprachcafé (next one on March 6th). He motivated me to apply to do the exhibition and his involvement sparked my interest in this vibrant community.

What do you like about Denizen?

What stands out to me about Denizen is the warmth and openness of its community, along with its inviting physical space. The concept of combining a communal atmosphere with co-working facilities resonates with me deeply. Each visit has been met with exceptional hospitality, fostering a sense of belonging and a positive environment. (🫶 from all of us!)

Delfin Munoz-2158257

Can we please take a collective moment to also appreciate the wonderful work our own Hana has done with capturing the moments from the vernissage last week? ❤️

Delfin Munoz-2158179
Delfin Munoz-2158229
Delfin Munoz-2158321
Delfin Munoz-2158347

Bummed out you missed the vernissage and the chance to see the artwork? Do not fret, for the "The Infinite Sight" exhibition is on display at Denizen until next Friday, March 1st. Come check it out or grab a co-working day pass while surrounded by this Chilean artist's creative pieces.


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